Logo design

Logo collection

This is the simplest recognition of a company, created by using a sign or image. This is a special sing that is associated with the company. It is not necessary for the logo to be complicated, tell everything about the company and be something your mother would approve.

The fixed price is — 500 USD.
Is it the fare price? Let’s see:

• Young designers without experience will draw a logo for 40 — 70 USD. The quality and originality of such logo would be very questionable;
• Printing companies are more interested in selling you their basic services such as printing materials. They will be happy to design a logo for you for 140 — 300 USD. The vast majority of our clients are companies who would like to change the logo they ordered this way;
• World known branding agencies who work with big corporate clients will ask 1500 — 10 000 USD for their services.

Ordering a logo you will get:
• Analysis of your target audience and application area
• Three different concepts. Designer will offer three different concepts of the logo and one detailed final variant after you picked the one you like;
• Elaboration of the final version. Necessary corrections. During the all stages of work your personal manager will be in touch with you and will give you professional recommendations;
• Recommendations on application of the logo. Application of the logo in the future environment, application on different products, clothing, etc.;
• Limited colors version. This version is necessary for gold printing (for example, applying gold or silver paint on business cards, invitations and other printing materials);
• CMYK and RGB color data. This details are needed for the further usage of the logo (printing and correct usage on the screens of various devices);
• Recommendations on the usage of the logo. Mini guideline (how to correctly use and how to not use your logo).