Brand logo design.
Why do you need it and what’s the price?


This is the simplest recognition of a company, created by using a sign or image. This is a special sing that is associated with the company. It is not necessary for the logo to be complicated, tell everything about the company and be something your mother would approve.

What is the price for logo design?

The fixed price is — 500 USD.
Is it the fare price? Let’s see:

• Young designers without experience will draw a logo for 40 — 70 USD. The quality and originality of such logo would be very questionable;
• Printing companies are more interested in selling you their basic services such as printing materials. They will be happy to design a logo for you for 140 — 300 USD. The vast majority of our clients are companies who would like to change the logo they ordered this way;
• World known branding agencies who work with big corporate clients will ask 1500 — 10 000 USD for their services.

What will you get for the price?

Ordering a logo you will get:
• Analysis of your target audience and application area;
• Three different concepts. Designer will offer three different concepts of the logo and one detailed final variant after you picked the one you like;
• Elaboration of the final version. Necessary corrections. During the all stages of work your personal manager will be in touch with you and will give you professional recommendations;
• Recommendations on application of the logo. Application of the logo in the future environment, application on different products, clothing, etc.;
• Limited colors version. This version is necessary for gold printing (for example, applying gold or silver paint on business cards, invitations and other printing materials);
• CMYK and RGB color data. This details are needed for the further usage of the logo (printing and correct usage on the screens of various devices);
• Recommendations on the usage of the logo. Mini guideline (how to correctly use and how to not use your logo).

“Clothes do not make the man”, or why do you need corporate identity design?

Corporate identity

This is a base for all communication policy of the company. It is one of the main weapons in a war for fighting for the customer, as well as an important component of branding. Its use implies a unified approach to design, color combinations, images in advertising, polygraphic materials, technical and business documentation, product packaging, and more. Corporate identity branding is one of the most modern and current types of advertising.

According to the researches 70% of the information is considered by person through the eyes. And it's not a secret that thinking in pictures, and creative thinking is more typical for us, rather than words, numbers, and other complex units. So, the development of logos, which are perceived primarily visually, and therefore are remembered and read at the level of symbolic information, is the essential element in business.

If you are interested in a well-established network of customers, high reputation, good image, in other words, a loud company name, then your brand identity should be perfected. You should also think about corporate colors, fonts, slogans, layout scheme, the frequency of advertising messages and its specifics. At all these stages of PR communications with the target audience, a concept and a clearly developed strategy should emerge. How will you present yourself to your target audience: with the help of a loud advertising campaign, dynamically and directionally, or gradually intriguing and setting the stage for market introduction?

Logo and corporate identity are remembered by clients as the identification code of the company, and subsequently associated with it. Employees of the company can have suits or uniforms in the corporate color palette with a logo. In addition to external standards, there are internal rules that are unique to this company.

What is the price for development of corporate identity?

The minimal price for development of corporate identity is 800 USD.
The price is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the project and its components. The exact cost will be calculated by the manager after placing the order.

The sample of the project and its price:

• Logo development (read logo design);
• Corporate color;
• Corporate element;
• Corporate font;
• Polygraphic materials (flyer, advertising, brochure);
• Business documents (business card, logo paper);
• Signboards.
Price for such project is 1300 USD.*

*Please note that this price is an example and may differ from your project. When developing additional graphic elements or exclusive illustrations of the artist, the cost of the project increases.


Outdoor advertising is textual, graphic, or other visual information, which is placed on special stationary or temporary structures located in open areas, external surfaces of buildings and structures, elements of street equipment, over the streets and roads or on them. It is a channel for delivery of advertising information that affects various types of mass audiences.


Packaging is the most efficient way of advertising for mass audiences in the places of sales. Nowadays on the market packaging is taking the lead role. Along with the name and price, it plays a huge communicative role and greatly facilitates the promotion of goods: it eases the brand recognition, helps to get to know the product, forms and creates products main characteristics and becomes one of the key elements of the brand.

Development and creation of websites. What kinds of them exist and which site suits me?

Landing page sites

Such sites usually are commercial by nature and are created for the purpose of quickly selling a product or service, in other cases they are used to collect contact information and build a customer base.

Online stores and catalogs

An online store is a special form of an interactive website that is designed to advertise a product, offers ordering, delivery and payment.

Corporate websites

Corporate website is A full representation of the company in the Internet and an effective tool for attracting and retaining new customers.

How much does is cost to create a website?

The starting price for development of a website is 1900 USD.
The cost is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the project and its composition. The exact price will be calculated by your manager after submission of the order. We do not use templates and ready-made solutions. Each project is individual and requires a special approach, market analysis, identifying the image of a potential client, testing and launching. As a result, you get a unique, non-template site that will help to increase sales and set you apart from the competitors.

What will you get for the price?

Ordering a development of a website you get:
• Market analysis and determination of the target audience;
• Analysis and identification of competitors;
• Design of the main pages of the site;
• Registration and payment for a hosting for 1 year;
• Hosting setup;
• Installation and configuration of content management system;
• Installation and configuration of the necessary modules;
• Layout of HTML-page templates in accordance with the approved design;
• Creating the internal structure and logic of the site;
• Filling the site with information in the amount of not more than 2 typical pages in each section (the customer himself usually does the rest according to the attached instructions);
• Setting statistics (Google Analytics and / or Yandex Metric);
• Site registration in search engines (Google, Yandex);
• Instructions for working with the site (video lesson);
• Free technical support for six months after the finishing of the project (except for problems with hosting);
• Consultations - the entire life of the project.

Adding functionality / design change, templates, layout, etc., not specified in the original task, is performed for additional fee. The amount depends on the complexity.

He is alive! He is alive!


3D-visualisation can be performed for a product (designed or actually existing), a design object, or simply a three-dimensional element used as part of a composition.


This is a technique of creating a cartoon in which the artist-animator achieves the movement of elements by drawing them frame by frame (an average of 15-25 frames per second). It means each following frame is being drawn additionally. This way you can “revive” the logo or draw animated ads.