490 USD

What is included into the price and work process
Filling the brief online before the start of work. Creating 3 different logo variants. Detailed version of one picked variant and picking the color scheme. Presenting the logo in all necessary formats.

Process of
logo design

Move arrows left and right and see our logos from the first drawing sketch to the final result

Puncher coffee co.






What is logo
and why do you need it?

Logo is a name, symbol or trade mark developed to increase brand recognition. This is a graphic Identity of the brand.
Разработка написания логотипа солнца
Разработка логотипа ресторана Миллионка. Дизайн логотипа Москва.
Разработка логотипа Good Look Москва.
Разработка логотипа Eat restaurant Москва.
Разработка логотипа Москва, Утка United Hunters Association.

Logo variations:

  • Word symbol
  • Graphic element
  • Ligature
  • Character
  • Emblem

Save up
to 50%

We don’t have an office, employees and sales department, we always communicate with our clients directly. This fact gives us an opportunity to set prices lower than famous branding agencies (more details about us).

What do you pay for ordering in other agencies?

You pay for something that is not quite related to design

40% Design

30% Office leasing

20% Employees salaries

10% Office supplies

What do you pay for in Hardy?

Here you pay only for the design

90% Design

10% Office supplies

Some of our favorite logos:

Разработка логотипа Puncher в Москве.
Разработка логотипа Москва Higos.
Разработка логотипа OleoScope Москва. Сколько стоит логотип
Разработка логотипа Москва, бар Chinoaru.
Разработка логотипа Москва, Bolt круг и гротескный шрифт
Разработка логотипа Казаки, Москва.
Разработка логотипа Москва, Good Look.
Разработка логотипа Москва, ресторан Миллионка.
Разработка логотипа Москва Утка United Hunters Association.
Разработка логотипа Москва, IdeaFix геометрическая форма.
Разработка логотипа в Москве Eat restaurant. Дизайн логотипа Москва.
Разработка логотипа Москва, бар La Cava.

Animated logo:

Animation will make you logo look alive and attract more clients attention.

Logo and
brand identity

Professional Logo and branding Identity help to tell the main idea of the company, highlight it on the market and present the quality of the product or services.

Why us?

The answer is simple, we offer same quality of the work as famous branding agencies but cost two or three times less. Hardy is a convenient service for ordering main branding products with a comfort of your home and saving your money. We have done projects in more than 50 different countries. We gained trust from big companies and small businesses. We have fixed prices for everyone disregard of whether you have small business or huge international holding.



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