Price from
800 USD
What is included into the price
Basic set: logo design, brand element/pattern, color scheme, font, design of the business cards.

What is brand identity?

This is a set of visual elements that create the image of the company. Well picked corporate identity improves brand recognition on the market.
Услуга разработки фирменного стиля
Логотип бара и фирменный стиль. Заказать дизайн и разработку логотипа бара.
Логотип ресторана Миллионка дизайн пригласительных
Логотип ресторана. Дизайн упаковки для ресторана Eat
Разработка фирменного стиля магазинов. Заказать дизайн логотипа магазина.
Разработка фирменного стиля и логотипа салона красоты, золотая вывеска.

What it consists of?

Brand Identity consists of logo, slogan, defined grid system and other elements. Combination of all these parts helps to highlight the company among competitors and attract new customers. Below you can see the basic set of brand identity elements we offer for small businesses.
Услуга разработки фирменного стиля
Разработка фирменного стиля. Фирменный элемент компании Bolt
Разработка фирменного стиля. Фирменные цвета логотипа Bolt
Разработка фирменного стиля. Фирменный шрифт компании Bolt
Разработка фирменного стиля. Дизайн визитки компании Bolt

Basic set:

  • Logo
  • Key brand element
  • Color
  • Corporate font
  • Business card

Brand identity increases sales

You can put branding identity elements on your products, advertising and other materials to attract customer focus.

Save up
to 50%

We don’t have an office, employees and sales department, we always communicate with our clients directly. This fact gives us an opportunity to set prices lower than famous branding agencies (more details about us).

What do you pay for ordering in other agencies?

You pay for something that is not quite related to design

40% Design

30% Office leasing

20% Employees salaries

10% Office supplies

What do you pay for in Hardy?

Here you pay only for the design

90% Design

10% Office supplies

What do
you get?

At the end of our work process you will get ready to use brand identity.
Услуга разработки фирменного стиля


Guidelines with main idea of brand identity

  • Description of the idea
  • Key benefits
  • Guideline on how to apply new brand identity
Услуга разработки фирменного стиля

Source files

After agreement with the client we share all project materials for future use

  • Project materials
  • Printing materials
  • Files for productions

Some of our favorite projects cases:


Logo and packaging design for sport water bottles. Simplifying efforts towards new sport achievements.



Asian style in brand identity of the bar. All necessary materials for the successful launch of a new project.


Good Look

Gold, nail polish, Audrey Hepburn — all of this in the new brand identity for the luxury beauty salon.




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