Рисуем крутой дизайн логотипа компании цена 29000 рублей
Команда hardy branding, недорогая разработка логотипа в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге

Why us?

We don’t have weekdays and weekends, our quality is consistent and we are oriented on the best results. We will not show logos of our famous customers to impress you. We just do quality design projects. We gained trust from big companies, small organizations and local customers. We don’t care if you have a small family business or a large holding, we always have fixed prices for all our customers.

in touch

It is way easier to contact via WhatsApp and get the answer to you questions immediately than to drive to the meeting in the office on the opposite side of the city. When ordering services on our website, we will contact you on WhatsApp, Vkontakte, Facebook, Messenger (any convenient for you way) to discuss the project. If you feel that text messages are not enough we can call on FaceTime or Skype. At the final stage of the work, we will send a google drive link with a presentation of your project and all source files. You just have to provide materials to the printing company. We will create detailed technical task for polygraphic materials and will contact your local printing company if needed.

How we

You place an order on our website. We contact you to discuss the details of your project. We sign the contract, send the scans of the contract and the prepayment invoice. When the work is completed, we exchange documents by mail.
Online order
Discussing the project
Contact and payment
Final project

and terms

Prepayment is 50% and 50% is post payment. In case of a big project we can split the payment into several parts. We accept the payment by PayPal and WesternUnion.


If you have any questions regarding our work you can browse through the frequently asked questions or ask your own.